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Send us your Kodak Create@Home book and calendar projects to be produced in store directly from the site.



How do I save & send my files to be printed in the store?


Do the following: Click on Place Order??? button in the bottom right corner of the application???s window If the Pre-print Book Validation Report dialog is displayed, fix any errors or problems with your file or click the ???Proceed With Printing??? button A Progress??? dialog will be displayed for a few minutes ??? during this process, your project is being created so that it can be printed on one of our in-store printers Review a proof of your file before saving it by clicking ???View Pages???. This is a recommended procedure by Kodak to verify that everything has been processed by the software correctly so that your final product is what you expect. Verify that you have examined the proof and click the checkbox to the left of the agreement. Click the ???Continue??? button At the Contact Information dialog, Fill in your Name and your Phone Number or Email address and click ???OK??? Click ???OK??? on Create Package dialog window In the Save Package window, select the directory to save your file (default is My Documents), enter a name for your file and Click ???OK??? Exit or minimize the KODAK Create@Home Software and fill it the form to the right.


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