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Product Specifications

Gary Fong  AmberDome for LSu & LS2 #AMBDOM  

Main specs

Brand:  Gary Fong

Type of Accessory:  Flash Diffuser / Light Modifier


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Gary Fong-AmberDome for LSu & LS2 #AMBDOM-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories


Type of Accessory

Flash Diffuser / Light Modifier


The Gary Fong Amberdome is a warming device designed to fit onto the Lightsphere II Cloud only. It warms the light from your electronic flash for shooting outdoors at dusk, or early morning, open shade, interiors with tungsten lighting, and sunsets, with the sun behind the subject.
When shooting outdoors in open shade, set your digital camera WB to auto-white balance.
WHen shooting interiors, with tungsten lighting, set your digital camera WB to tungsten.


Gary Fong Lightsphere II Cloud


Gary Fong


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