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Product Specifications

LumiQuest  FXtra Gel Holder (LQ-121)  

Main specs

Brand:  LumiQuest

Type of Accessory:  Gel Kit


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LumiQuest-FXtra Gel Holder (LQ-121)-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories


Type of Accessory

Gel Kit


The FXtra is a compact gel holder that facilitates a quick installation and removal of colored gels. Eight Rosco gels are included: CTO, ½ CTO, ¼ CTO, Plus Green, ½ Plus Green, Sky Blue, Canary Yellow and Fire Red in the integrated storage pouch. FXtra is sized to use with most popular flashes and the gel pocket accommodates both Rosco and Lee gel samples.

Any LumiQuest accessory (and many other brands) can be attached while FXtra is in place allowing you to colorize the light while using a variety of light modifiers.

Application: To colorize the light easily with or without other LumiQuest accessories in place.

Approximation Light Loss: Varies with gel

Dimensions: 6'' x 3''


Most flash units, one size fits all




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